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Carlotta Ungaro’s good-bye party at Tidalholm

A beautiful breeze off the water, perfecttemp, a gorgeous porch, no bugs, and anapricot-pink sunset behind the oaks madeCarlotta Ungaro’s going away party oneof the most cinematically perfect momentsI can think of of life in the Lowcountry.It was apropos because two iconic… Keep Reading


‘Plantation Set’ Fete

The Lowcountry of South Carolinaand the Hunt Country of Virginiaare as about as close an American canget to the great English country housetradition of the landed aristocracy ofEngland, and they pursue all the sameactivities — shooting, fox hunts, horsesand vast estates with beautiful historichomes. It makes sense, since this areawas actually part of England at… Keep Reading


Relay is reason to celebrate

When the clock strikes 7on Friday night, therewill be a party going onin Beaufort that will last all night andwon’t stop until 7 in the morning. Therewill be food, music, dancing, prizes,men dressed as women — need I saymore?And, no, this will not be happening onmy porch (that’s not until Halloween).This celebration will be set… Keep Reading


The Honeycutt Chronicles

Unless there is some sort of bugzapper-type freak-repelling deviceavailable of which I am not aware,I’m afraid I’m going to just have tolog this stuff in my diary and some-how deal with attracting the crazies. NoraHoneycutt I guess the only problem with being“fly paper for freaks” is, well … being“fly paper for freaks.” Everyone makes jokes about… Keep Reading


May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

May 1 marks the start of BetterHearing and Speech Month, a monthdedicated to educating consumersabout the need to assure that theirhearing is healthy. This year, BeaufortAudiology & Hearing Care is joiningthe Better Hearing and SpeechCouncil in promoting the AcrossAmerica Hearing Check Challenge( — an onlinehearing test … Keep Reading


Bureau hires new P.R. manager

Christy Brewer will handle marketing for Visitor & Convention Bureau The Beaufort Regional Chamberof Commerce Visitor & ConventionBureau (VCB) is pleased to announceChristy Brewer as the new Marketing& Public Relations Manager. Shewill be responsible for directing theVCB’s marketing efforts as the area’sdestination management organizationand for positioning the Beaufort areaas a premier leisure, event and groupmeeting… Keep Reading


News Brief: County preserves land near air station

Development rights and conservation easements on two pieces of land near the Marine CorpsAir Station Beaufort have been purchased in a partnership betweenthe U.S. Department of Defense and Beaufort County government.The two rural sites include a ten-acre parcel in the middle of the McLeod Farm and a .33 acre site at the intersection of Hwy… Keep Reading


City discusses future transportation

SCDOT Commission hears, sees historic Beaufort planning             Highway Commissioners meeting in Beaufort last week learned how city leaders are preparing forBeaufort’s fourth century — includingtransportation options beyond roadsand cars.“We’re going back to the original cityplanners,” Beaufort Mayor Pro TemDonnie Beer told the South CarolinaDepartment of Transportation Boardof Commissioners, meeting… Keep Reading

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