Bringing Our Community Together


Beaufort Academy chess champs

On Sept. 24, Beaufort Academy chess club traveled to Statesboro, Ga., to play some of Georgia’s best chess players.  The BA 2010 SC state champion team was only able to send five of its team players: Kevin Rogers, Alex Mazzeo, Thomas Mazzeo, Kendra Rogers and Sophis Martin. Alex Mazzeo was the only BA player in… Keep Reading


Athletes of the Week

Anna Smith (8th grade) and Marah Aulabaugh (7th grade) attend Lady’s Island Middle School and have made the JV tennis team at Beaufort High School. Congratulations to both girls on truly being student athletes! Keep Reading


Beaufort hosts national sailing championship

The MC Scow Masters Championship will be held at the Beaufort Yacht and Sailing Club on October 12-15.   The sailing event will be held in front of the club on Lady’s Island, between the McTeer Bridge and the marsh in front of downtown, or off the Sands in Port Royal, depending on wind conditions. The… Keep Reading


Figuring your ‘net’ worth (at shrimping)

By Jack Sparacino I’ve been fishing for a long time.  Lakes, rivers, creeks, oceans. Very shallow (1 foot) to very deep (600 feet).  Ultra light tackle to the really heavy stuff.  I’ve been sunburned, seasick, rained on, beaten up by tuna, badly tangled with other people’s lines, even bitten.  I’ve also had a ball, caught… Keep Reading


The Federal Reserve and the economy

By Whitney McDaniel You may have been hearing a lot lately about the Federal Reserve, better known as the “Fed”, and its chairman, Ben Bernanke.  You may also already know that the Fed has an influence on interest rates, which in turn influences the economy.  But there is more to the Fed than meets the… Keep Reading


CrossFit fundraiser

On September 17, CrossFit Beaufort along with more than 1,000 other CrossFit affiliates around the world, participated in a workout known as “Fight Gone Bad” to benefit our military and their families.  “Fight Gone Bad” is five exercises done for one minute each for three rounds with a one minute rest between each round.  Beneficiaries… Keep Reading


The Beauty of the Beast

By Takiya Smith He say, she say, we all feel as if we should have a say … right? Or at least somewhere in the deep recesses of our intricate minds, we gather some sense that we have a claim or stake in verbalizing our opinions, thoughts, and ideals on matters from “what not to… Keep Reading


Ready for some Monday night football in the hood?

Lady’s Island Country Club is the place to be on Mondays to watch NFL football. We lay out some free chicken wings and run happy hour drink prices all night long. Only three weeks into the season and it’s attracting quite the crowd. We open at 8 p.m. on Mondays, so that gives you time… Keep Reading

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