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Plug in to joy

By Martha O’Regan

Have you truly wrapped your brain around the fact that we are electromagnetic beings?  We are both electric (energy) and magnetic, yet we are humans, not robots or computers. Our left brain wants to know what it sees and see what it knows so we want to see ourselves as physical structures, we want to keep it simple because it’s what we know. While keeping it simple, let’s have a little fun with the electric aspect.

What are you plugged in to? Think of yourself as a rechargeable battery that, provided you got a good nights’ sleep, is fully charged to begin each day with. Imagine that you have wires that come off of you that are either sending or receiving energy, depending on what you are plugged into. Think about the people in your life that are ‘sucking the life out of you’ as well as the ones that are ‘charging you up’. Tune into how you regularly react—is frustration often draining you dry or do you get a boost from finding the good in most situations?  What about the fuel you put into your body?  Is your body using too much energy to digest large lunches or process multiple cups of coffee or are you nourishing it with healthy choices that are actually replenishing your resources?  Who are you choosing to listen to on a regular basis—are they feeding your soul or just filling your head with nonsensical data?  What about your thoughts—are they full of self-doubt, judgment, or worry? Or, are they thoughts of joy and gratitude for even the little things in life?

So, what circuits are you choosing?  Are any in ‘overload’ or just plain ‘blown’?  Do you hear yourself say ‘I am so tired’, ‘I am totally drained’ or ‘I just don’t have any energy’?  If so, tune into what you are plugged into and decide to ‘unplug’ from the non-essential circuits. Instead of allowing someone or something to pull energy from you, just visualize yourself pulling the plug and thinking ‘nope, I’m not going to plug into that today’. Then, stay grounded (pun intended)—don’t plug it back in. Instead, take a breath and think about plugging into something that cranks up your spirit or brings you joy.

As electromagnetic beings, we are designed to recharge from the earth’s electromagnetic fields. Science now tells us that due to ‘advancements’ of shoes, roads, cars, floors and second story bedrooms, we are not as ‘plugged in’ to the earth as the countless generations before us. We aren’t receiving the earth’s energy as efficiently as those who walked the planet in bare feet or slept on the ground for thousands of years. Additionally, we as a society have been made to fear the sun and dirt, taking us further away from natural resources that our body thrives on. With this knowledge, we are now being encouraged to ‘earth’, to take our shoes off and walk in the grass, dirt, sand or surf, or even hug a tree for 15-30 minutes a day to ‘re-charge’ our battery. Who would have thought the word earth would become a verb?   Through personal experience, I will say that it works. So, if you hear yourself say “I am so tired’ and it’s only 2 o’clock in the afternoon, take your shoes off and head outside. Walk or stand for as long your break will allow you, focusing on your breath and visualizing all of those little circuits disconnecting from the stressors or the day and connecting to the earth—try for at least 10 minutes, then resume your day. You may just be surprised—I know I was. Live Awake in JOY!

Martha O’Regan, is Your ‘B.E.S.T. Life’ Coach, supporting you in accessing your magic with the work of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique and Vibrational Coaching. Contact 843-812-1328 or to discover just how easy it can be to create change in your life.

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It’s simply magic … by design!

By Martha O’Regan

Over the years, as I have learned about bioenergetics, pain/stress/energy management, quantum science and vibrational medicine, I have come to the conclusion that it’s all simply magic, defined as “an extraordinary power from a supernatural source.”

The four statements that make up the foundation of how I live and coach are:

1. Everything is energy, including you and me,

2. Every single thing is designed in perfection,

3. We create our own reality through the vibration of our thoughts, words and deeds,

4. The power of “all that is” is the same power as the Divine. And, taking it even deeper, inside the smallest particle known to man is nothing but pure light essence that is measured as the vibrational equivalent to “love” which happens to also be the power of “all that is” which has many names, including God. God is light, God is love, God is the ultimate power, God is creation, etc.  Even in its smallness, it’s bigger than our human linear mind can even fathom, yet we all know it deep inside because it is encoded in our DNA, our subconscious, the Bible, our soul perspectives and even our thoughts to ultimately create our daily reality of health, relationships, choices and behaviors. It’s so simple even in all its magnificent complexity.

As you try this little experience, check in and feel how it lands in your body and mind. Make an “O” with the thumb and forefinger of each hand, keeping them several inches apart. These circles represents the energy fields surrounding the egg and the sperm that came together to grow you, making your spine, kidneys, finger nails, etc.  Begin bringing the two energy fields closer together until their fields begin to interconnect. Stop as soon as you see the light between the circles. Now, just imagine the magnificent spark, like two wires or maybe stars coming together which then connects those two perfect cells that knew exactly what do to create YOU right on schedule. Magic … by design! Did you feel a spark ignite anywhere in your body?

As electromagnetic beings, everything within and around us is ignited by a spark of some form that creates a connection for something remarkable to happen, like the ability to scratch our nose, blink, heal a wound or to feel love.   In our body, these sparks are called electrical impulses, synapses, neuro transmitters, and they ignite to activate communication within all parts of us — including our muscles, organs, glands, the brain and spine and our heart — all without us having to tell it to, at least not with our conscious mind. These sparks are automatic; it’s the vibration of the spark that determines how well our system is communicating. Greater vitality ignites a greater spark ultimately enhancing communication within the system, creating greater health and happiness.

One way to support the magic is simply noticing what is going on within and around us and making conscious choices about what we put into our mind and body that will enhance the sparks. Simply being in awe of the magnificence on a regular basis allows those sparks to really ignite, creating even more magic … by design.

So, take some time to pause and just watch a bird fly or a tree sway in the wind, notice the twinkle in someone’s eye when they laugh, feel your feet as you walk along the pavement or barefoot in the grass, see how wide your face stretches when you smile, stare at the sky and imagine what it would feel like to fly, feel your breath in every crevice of your body or truly allow yourself to open your heart to receive love. Simply notice how many magical moments you have in an hour, day, week or month, and before you know it, you can’t experience life any other way.

Live Awake … Have Fun!

Martha O’Regan, is Your ‘B.E.S.T. Life’ Coach, supporting you in accessing your magic with the work of Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique and Vibrational Coaching. Contact 843-812-1328 or to discover just how easy it can be to create change in your life.

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What am I pretending not to know?

By Martha O’Regan

This question rose up in me several months ago and I jotted it down like I do when something comes to mind that doesn’t feel like my own — something that is deep but feels really important to ponder. Frankly, I didn’t really like this question so I turned the page quickly only to stumble on it several times since then … again, just moving right along.  But each time the question was repeated in my mind, the more I became aware of how much I was choosing not to know, see or hear in several areas of my life. It made me realize that although there are many things we truly don’t know because we’ve never learned it, there are many things we don’t want to know because it would mean changing something in our lives that could be uncomfortable, boring or just simply unpleasant.

As an example, I have used a non-dairy creamer in my coffee for a very long time, refusing to read the ingredients like I do most everything else I put in my body (you did catch the “most” part?)  I didn’t want it to change my morning ritual so I consciously ignored the obvious every time I made my coffee. Then I “accidentally” clicked on an article while on Facebook that went on to describe all of the poisons in non-dairy creamers and what they do to the body.  Darn it! Now I can no longer pretend not to know! So, off I went in search of an alternative with fewer evils. I must say, I am grateful the article appeared before me because I do feel better without all that extra poison.  Why was I pretending not to know something that was actually harmful?

We humans are so quirky, aren’t we?  We know what we know and keep doing what we do, even it isn’t serving our highest good.  Up to now, these habits, patterns and behaviors have all been created through unconscious repetition of thought and/or action over days, weeks, years or decades, both by us and around us. All repetition creates a neural pathway or a messaging signal from the brain that over time becomes our personal reality, also known as our personality. This embedded behavior or habit can be either healthful or harmful.  Once we stop pretending not to know the ones that aren’t supporting our health, happiness and success, we can begin to un- or re- create patterns through conscious repetition of empowering thoughts or supporting action. It really is quite simple — just not so easy — right up until it is.  This is the magical moment that “shift” happens and you’re off on a new direction with a new personal reality.

So, what are you pretending not to know? What are you choosing to do that deep down you just know is keeping you from a more abundant and vital existence? At first, the question can be a real nuisance, so feel free to ask it to return when you are more prepared to contemplate it.  Each time it gently rises from deep within or brightly appears like a neon sign, just allow the question to dance around in your mind. Over time, you can’t help but begin to pay attention to the nudgings, ah ha’s and wow moments that show up in your thoughts, conversations and experiences slowly aligning you on a more healthful and joyful path.

You’ll notice that with repetition, you can no longer pretend to stay unaware of that limiting behavior, and instead begin repeating a new mantra, exercise or nutritional habit. At first, it will feel as though you are trying to turn an aircraft carrier from a dead stop, but eventually momentum picks up and you will notice you’ve made a 180 degree turn and are back in the steady flow of your intended joyful journey. Live Awake in JOY!

Martha O’Regan, is Your ‘B.E.S.T. Life’ Coach, supporting you in Creating and Allowing the B.E.S.T. Life of your Dreams!  Contact her at 843/812-1328 or to discover just how easy it can be to create change in your life.

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Wherever you go … there YOU are

By Martha O’Regan

You can never get away from you, no matter how hard you try. And, to face more truth, you are responsible for you.  There is no one else out there who knows you or can take care of you better than you — not your spouse, doctor, parent, partner, child, sibling, no one.  You are your greatest ally as well as your worst enemy.  Only you can get you in trouble and only you can get you out. It is you who make choices, both good and bad.  So, you may as well just sit down and introduce yourself to all of you and decide it’s time to be friends to begin working together for your highest good.  Simple, just not so easy, at least not at first.

Martha O'Regan of Thera Vista

Martha O’Regan of Thera Vista

Admittedly, it was a bit of a bummer to become aware that I was a steward of this vessel that I inhabit each day. No more excuses, no more waiting for the miraculous alternative to exercising or cheeseburgers, no more “if only this, that or the other thing would occur, then I will be happy” statements.  I had to dig in there and re-connect with all of me.  “Mind, meet body … Body, meet spirit … Spirit, meet mind.”

Now that the introductions were complete, we had to figure out our new arrangement. No longer could mind override spirit in getting my body in gear or choosing a healthy alternative to that cheeseburger. Now that we had re-cognized our relationship, body became more in tune to mind’s ramblings to ignore spirit. As an example, mind says, “Oh, just turn off that alarm clock and skip the workout, who will know anyway?” Uh hum, spirit will, then mind will have to hear about it all day, eventually fatiguing the body from carrying the guilt all day.  So not worth it, better to just listen to spirit and get up!  Ultimately body and mind feel better, and spirit is happy — it’s all good.  However, I must say, this goes on regularly within me but as long as I know spirit has my highest good in mind, I try to listen to it rather than my mind.

What about you? Do you know all of you? Give it a try, have some fun with it.  Give each entity a name and establish a working dialogue amongst them — I have found that all three prefer kindness and ease more than annoyance and sarcasm.

As I continue to nurture this relationship within myself, I am continuously aware that this is my life no one else’s. Not in a selfish “it’s all about me” energy but an “oh my gosh, this is my life, what am I going to do with it?” energy.  I get to choose my hopes, dreams and desires and how am I going to achieve them and who will be a part of it. And, I get to relish in my own successes as well as learn from my own mistakes which allows spirit to remind me not to do that again.

Understanding that my physiology is directly connected to my thoughts, emotions and perspectives allows me to choose wisely for my overall health and well-being. Being a steward of my vessel and getting to know all of me is no longer a bummer but rather a gift. I decided that taking time for me, doing what I love to do, being with who I love to be with and doing it authentically with kindness and ease was far better than where I was before my “ah ha.” There is still the daily debate amongst the three of us, but now it’s with delightful banter.

I invite you to get to know all of you and enjoy the rest of your ride here on planet earth — since it’s where you are and you have to take you wherever you go anyway.  In Joy … Enjoy! Live Awake … Have Fun!

Martha O’Regan, is Your B.E.S.T. Life Coach, supporting you in creating and allowing the B.E.S.T. Life of your Dreams. Contact her at 843-812-1328 or to discover just how easy it can be to create change in your life. Visit

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Suffering, struggling or barely surviving? Then change states

By Martha O’Regan

Depending on your current life disposition, some of you may hear this statement as “pack your bags and move to Nebraska” if life isn’t happening as you had always hoped. Hopefully, more of you heard, “if you want something different to occur in your life, change your state of being.” How you heard this statement will speak volumes about your level of awareness and how you are thinking. So, without judgment, simply “check in” to where your mind took you when you read the headline of the article.

Martha O'Regan

Martha O’Regan

While listening to one of my quantum science gurus, I received a major “ah-ha” that I intend to share in a way that creates immense change in many lives immediately, so here goes. Your personality is your personal reality and if you wish to create change, you must create a new personality, otherwise you continue to create your same reality.

OK, so what does that mean? Our personality is the cumulative repetition of the way we think, act and feel based on our environment, circumstances and conditions in our personal reality.  When we repeat the same thoughts, we make the same choices, generate the same behaviors, have the same experiences, produce the same emotions, which in turn form the same thoughts — and around and around we go for days, weeks, months, years, and decades creating the same personal reality. So we wake up one day and decide we are ready to create change in our life, yet we don’t change our habits then we get frustrated that change isn’t occurring. We humans are so quirky, aren’t we? But, we come by it honestly because we were never taught to do it any differently … until now.

So, without moving to a new state in the Union, we have to create union with a new state of being; one that will create change in our patterns, habits and reactions.

A state of being is when mind and body are working together to align with a specific destiny. Let’s look at some basic concepts. Thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body.  Our thoughts produce an immediate chemical reaction in the brain which then stimulates a feeling in the body which then creates a similar thought producing the same feeling, creating the thought, then the feeling and over time creates memorized behaviors, emotional reactions, habits and our personal state of being.  So, if we are to create any change in our life, we have to create new thoughts in order to create new feelings, etc.  But how?

The first step is to shift the paradigm of “cause and effect” into “cause an effect.”  We have been raised in a culture that when good things happen, then we can be happy.  What if we could just be happy and begin to observe what happens in our lives?  Quantum law tells us that our environment is an extension of our mind and that if we want our environment to change, we have to change our minds or our thoughts.  This is contrary to the old way of thinking that we are a victim to what is happening to us externally.  Feels quite different, don’t you think?

The brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or what is imagined, so if you are ready to create change, begin by imagining a new state of being.  If time, money and circumstances were not a factor, what would you love to be, do or have in your life?  Allow yourself to dream big, visualizing with full color and features, until you can feel it in your body and repeat as often as you can.  Creating new thoughts and patterns will create new feelings, producing new thoughts, stimulating new feelings, and so on and so on, until new patterns, attitudes, and behaviors emerge. Now, we have a new state of being. Give it a try.

Live Awake … Have Fun!

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If I knew then what I know now …

By Martha O’Regan

Do you ever wish you could have a “do over” of experiences in your past? As it turns out, you can — it is called imagination.  The brain records everything in present time and doesn’t know the difference between what we perceive and what is imagined — they both create neural pathways that affect our health, behaviors, relationships and even our surroundings.

Martha O'Regan

Martha O’Regan

We can go back to any experience recorded from our past, even decades ago, that at the time we judged as “bad” or “wrong” and imagine or re-create it with a perspective of “good” or a lesson learned and it will actually create a new network in the brain, completely altering our physiology in that milli-blip of time. We don’t change the facts, only the energy in which it is stored. Remember when we used to transfer files on our computer and the little file would dance across the screen?  Well, think about moving the story from one file to the next: from the fear file to the gratitude file just by choosing to. The trick is keeping it in the positive file.  Every time we pull it out and express it from the victim perspective, we dump it right back in affecting our life all over again.

At the risk of being repetitive, remember that everything in all of creation is energy including every thought, feeling, word and deed. Simply put, positive energy is expansive and alive with frequency while negative energy is contractive and sluggish in frequency.  Every experience is neutral until you decide which charge to attach to it — positive or negative — and that perception immediately translates into your physical body as either one of survival (contractive) or ease (expansive). As an example, 20 people can witness the same car accident: Five of them put the event in their fear file as it could’ve been them; five will walk away in gratitude that it wasn’t them; five will walk away worried about the victims; and five will just be ticked off that they are late for work. Same experience, different perspectives, with each one being correct for each person.

Every experience we have ever had — including everything we have ever seen, heard, touched, tasted or smelled — gets filed in our mental hard drive (aka the brain) based on the perspective that we deemed appropriate in the moment, even the ones that belonged to the “big people” who were in our lives during our early years. These files set up a neural pathway or network that is instantly retrieved for future use, whether it be for learning, becoming proficient in a hobby or sport, determining the best course of action in a project, or just basic survival. These pathways also have an energy attached that will emit into our physical body or surroundings. Those experiences that we perceived as negative, with either great intensity or long duration, can set up a message into the body that over time can become a symptom, habit or behavior that we wish we didn’t have. So, an experience that created immense fear for a short time can get us just as stuck in the mental hard drive as long-term worry.  Both can set up a mental loop that can lead to such things as tight muscles, high blood pressure, self-sabotage or procrastination.

Think about an experience that you wish had never happened and tune into how it feels in the body.  Notice how fast you were able to retrieve that stored memory? Think about the gazillion stored memories that we judged as negative in our lifetime that are controlling our physiology 24/7. Eewwwhhh — not interested in that.

So, knowing what we know now about the brain, we can go back to an experience and, without changing the facts, see the lesson or look at it again through the lens of forgiveness, gratitude, love, peace or joy, creating a brand new neural pathway in the brain, allowing for more appropriate physiology. Aahh, that feels better already.

Live Awake … Have Fun.

Martha O’Regan, is Your “B.E.S.T. Life” Coach, supporting you in creating and allowing the B.E.S.T. Life of your Dreams! Contact her at 843-812-1328 or to discover how easy it can be to create change in your life.

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Faith like a mustard seed

By Ifetayo White

There is a huge movement going on in our country and even in the Lowcountry of folk who have a great faith in their own ability to heal and restore their bodies, minds, psyches, spirits and lives. There are those of us who are everyday living in the faith of an all-knowing power guiding and supporting the “wholeness” of our lives. Learning to trust this guidance and support asks us to take a faith walk — to take one step, then another, then another in faith.

My own faith walk in healing began when I was 30 years old and diagnosed with asthma. When the emergency room doctor declared that adult-onset asthma is usually stress related, I could only agree with his suggestion. I knew that I had chosen to remain in a marriage for security with a mate who, because of his own emotional immaturity, was emotionally abusive to me. My life was full of stress and pain. I felt stifled and unable to receive love. Thus, asthma showed up physically and metaphorically.  The first step of recovery was for me to find the courage to end this hopeless marriage.

It took three more years of going through the fears of not being capable of supporting myself and my daughters before I could ask for a separation.

For years my asthmatic condition was stabilized through the use of an atomizer and infrequent trips to the ER for adrenaline shots. In addition, my allergies to animals grew and it was more and more difficult to visit friends who lived with pets.  It became my prayer that I not live the rest of my life having such difficulties breathing.  Then things began to happen.

A high school friend who had begun practicing meditation in the mid-70s suggested that meditation may help my stress and anxiety.  At this point, I was so anxious raising my daughters and working in a stressful environment at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., that my friend’s suggestion was received wholeheartedly. Committing to a practice of meditating for 20 minutes twice a day seemed daunting at the time, but like someone who makes a last ditch effort for life, I went for it.

When it appeared to me after a short while that I was making no progress, my friend encouraged me to not give up the consistency of the practice.  I continued in faith that something was happening.

Within the community of meditators in D.C., I met a woman who proposed to me that perhaps eliminating mucous-forming red meat from my diet might help my breathing. So, feeling I had nothing to lose, I eliminated beef from my diet.  From nowhere I began to feel the urge to stop eating pork and chicken and fish and, my favorite, turkey. Within two years, my asthma and allergies had disappeared from my body.  It has been almost 30 years since I experienced the empowerment of this life-changing healing. Even though I am no longer a vegetarian, meditation is still the foundation of my own wellness practices.

When we are ready, the teacher will appear. When we are ready, we will be led where to go next and what to do next.  During that time of need for healing, and during the many times of need for healing or renewal of my body, mind, emotions, relationships, finances or spirit, my intention or prayer for healing led me to what or who I needed.

Faith in a higher intelligence as energy flowing through me and my life and all of life has paved the path for me.  Know that this same intelligence is acting in and for you and your well being as well.  Listen to your inner guidance and follow — in faith.

Ifetayo White has been a holistic healing practitioner since 1989. She offers support to her community through classes and meditation at TheraVista, in addition to providing life empowerment coaching, Reiki training and treatment, trigger point therapy, integrative bodywork, childbirth preparation and education, birth and postpartum doula services through her businesses.  Ifetayo can be contacted at 843-271-1923 or

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What you give is what you get

By Susan Stone

Do you have a happy life? Do you look forward to the mystery of what each day will hold? If so, there is nothing you need to change. Keep up the good work!

If not, what is the point? When do you plan to begin your extraordinary life?

Being over 50 has come with so many gifts. Many of life’s struggles are behind me now. But, in looking around, age doesn’t seem to be a happiness indicator. For many people, the older they get, the more things they find to complain about.

You are getting from life exactly what you are giving to it. It is the law — Universal Law. I don’t remember hearing about this in school. In fact, I did not know about universal laws until I was almost 40. What a relief to know why my life was not working.

Even though God has a sense of humor, the universe does not. Its laws are cold and treat each one of us exactly the same. The universal laws level out the playing field, so to speak.

I used to think that life was unfair. It appeared that some people were just luckier than I was. It seemed very unjust that anyone was hungry, homeless or sick. It felt terrible to experience the untimely death of a young person. Until, I was introduced to the laws.

It doesn’t appear to matter whether we believe in them or not, we are bound to them. Like physical laws, they do not require our understanding. You do not have to understand the mechanics or the dynamics of gravity to be bound to it. When you drop a hammer, be sure your toes are somewhere else.

We heard a lot about the Law of Attraction when the book and movie “The Secret” became popular. For some, it was the first time they had ever heard of universal law. And so, I thank all of the authors for introducing the concept of “creating your own reality.” But today I would like to introduce you to one of the lesser known laws: The Law of Reciprocity. Without it, we may find creating our own reality a little challenging.

The Law of Reciprocity is all about giving and receiving. It sounds rather elementary, but many of us are not even able to receive a compliment without dodging it; we look down or away. We diminish it with “Oh, this old thing?”

Energetically, reciprocity is all about control, or the lack thereof. If you are giving, you are in control of who you give to, what you give, when you give and how much you give. When you are on the receiving end, you control nothing except your response. You cannot control the amount given, the time it is given, the who or the why. You are vulnerable at this point and, generally, humility is the last thing we think of as a tool. Why does a humble “thank you” not seem enough? We want to run out and do something for that person, or buy something to pay them back.

When you receive a kindness from anyone, remember that you are getting from this world exactly what you have put in to it. It is simply your kindness coming back around. Isn’t that cool?

Recently, Martha O’Regan wrote, “Pre-sent from the past and in to the future,” introducing the idea that the present moment was pre-sent by you. So, enjoy the rewards of being a kind person. Receive gladly the generosity you have shown others. When something seems unfair, go back and look where you sent that from. The answers will amaze you!

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Is someone poking your Zen Bubble?

By Martha O’Regan

Is someone poking your Zen bubble? If so, give yourself permission to simply declare that your “Zen Bubble” is yours and others are not allowed to poke on it, squeeze it, stomp on it or push it into a corner — it is yours to protect at all costs. Inside that “Zen Bubble” is the home to your mind, body and spirit that are designed to work together harmoniously, as long as there are no interferences from within or “out with”

Martha O'Regan of TheraVista.

Martha O’Regan of TheraVista.

negative influences.

Our “Zen Bubble” is the energy field or aura that surrounds each one of us, both individually and collectively, when connected as a family, a team, a class, or as united spectators at a concert or sporting event. It tends to extend farther in front and above us and is always changing based on our personal thoughts and emotions as well as those around us. It can’t be seen by most, but it is measurable and able to be photographed with special Kirlian photography. Our physical health and well being is often a reflection of what is happening in the field around us. When we are surrounded with love and support, our field can be intertwined with the cohesive positive energy of love and we feel good. Conversely, when in the presence of discontent and upset, the field gets compressed, giving us feelings of anxiety, agitation, tension or “nervous stomach.”

The auric field is highly sensitive to its surroundings. For example, have you ever been at a function where a stranger enters and, for no obvious reason, you are instantly drawn to that person? They have an attractable energy field that connects to yours and pulls you in. The opposite can be true when you enter a space where an argument has just occurred or, for no apparent reason, you just get the weebie jeebies. Your field is immediately squeezed and may be repelling you from the perceived “danger” it senses.  Or, maybe you are walking in the woods and instinctively put your hand up to push a way a branch that you sensed before you saw.  Or, you have the music cranked up while busy on a project but able to sense that someone walked in a room even though you didn’t hear them.

A great way we like demonstrate someone’s energy field is to use a pair of wire coat hangers like a dowsing rod — really, it works. We have the person just stand there being themselves, then think of something that is frustrating and then about something that brings about joy. The field changes instantaneously, compressing for negative patterns and expanding for positive ones. We then have that person think of a goal they are working on and find the distance of the field. Two groups are then asked to take turns standing behind that person, one group simply thinking “I support you” without even knowing the person or the goal and the other group thinking about something that frustrated them that day. The edges of the field will exponentially expand or contract depending on positive or negative support demonstrating the effects of others fields in the presence of our own. They can either squeeze our dreams or help us fly, depending on their field in that moment.

We all have the capacity to alter any given moment for ourselves and others depending on the field of thoughts and emotions that we carry within and around our own personal Zen Bubble. Use it to check in and feel what you feel. Do you feel open or tight around the heart/chest area? Are you able to speak with ease or do you suddenly get a “frog” in your throat? These are our built-in indicators of whether we are surviving or thriving in that moment.

So, next time someone is poking your Zen Bubble, simply breathe deeply and expand your bubble with a positive thought or by thinking the word “love.”  You don’t have to send the person love, you are simply expanding your field in an effort to have the other person move on or help shift their energy. Give it a try.

Live Awake … Have Fun!

Martha O’Regan is Your B.E.S.T. Life Coach offering a unique approach to assisting you in creating the life you choose. Call her at 843-812-1328 or email

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I choose MY life…

By Ifetayo White

I will not die an unlived life.

I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire.

I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me,

to make me less afraid, more accessible;

to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise.

I choose to risk my significance, 

to live so that which came to me as seed goes to the next as blossom,

and that which came to me as blossom, goes on as fruit.

This poem by Dawna Markova is so full of the energy of choice for me. It begins with such a passionate statement of intention for life, then continues with strong words of choice, “I choose to INHABIT my days …”

How is all of this vibrating in you right now? Do you feel fired up about the choices for your life or has some fear crept into your mind or body?

One of the fun practices that I have for myself is to ask, “So, Ifetayo, what fear is keeping you from choosing to have this or that in your life right now?” Owning my life, taking full responsibility for my life is the gift of being a growing human being. It is all mine to choose in every moment of every day — from with whom I spend my time to how much I am weighing right now.

We have all had the experience of being with someone who is living in the pain of an abusive marriage or unbalanced friendship. The first question should be, “Why?” Why this choice? Is the choice to be a victim or martyr, or to inhabit a life of love, of joy, of intimacy? Now is the time for each of us to claim our choice, to move out of the energy of powerlessness or passivity about the gift of our lives.

Guess what, my dears? We also get to choose how we are feeling right now about any situation or experience. It is my choice to feel enraged or impatient driving behind one of our Lowcountry Sunday-going-to-church drivers when we need to get to IHOP before the line for breakfast gets too long. The other person truly has no power over my feelings or responses unless I give them that power. They have given me another opportunity to exercise my power of choice with a wide range of emotions, including just letting go and enjoying the ride.

Taking full responsibility for the creation that is my life at this time and making the choices to change the circumstances of this life often requires us to strengthen our will. When I recognized that living in the city of my birth was no longer nurturing to my spirit, it took lots of willpower to continue to go through all that my desire to move to Beaufort was asking of me. My children, future grandchildren, tons of family and close high school and college friends, childhood memories and a familiar environment — all to be let go in some way as I continued to make plans for my move. But my heart and spirit knew what was right for me, and continuously engaging my will gave me the power to carry out this choice.

I will choose not to live an unlived life. I choose my life!

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