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June 27, 2012

Discover Huspa Plantation

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By Tess Malijenovsky
Tucked away in the Beaufort countryside is a 350-acre equestrian park called Huspa Plantation. Visiting horse riders nearing its white picket fence continue down a long dirt road lined with giant oak trees. They’ll pass the horse arenas, then the owner Nick’s collection of small private planes and finally some open pastors before reaching the horse barn.
The stunning property was always tended by horse lovers, but until more recently expanded its equestrian passion to the public.
In a memorial of sorts to Nick’s former wife and daughter, both big equestrians who passed away in separate car accidents, Nick has begun to expand the cross-country trails they once started with his new wife Christina. Nick and Christina would ride horses daily together and recently became married. With Christina’s encouragement and a visit from an Irish horse trainer friend, the three made plans to open up the expansive property to others.

“Having such a beautiful place, it seemed sort of selfish to be able to enjoy it daily and I wanted other people to enjoy it as well,” Christina said.
Recently they’ve brought on Gini Quade, former manager of the Palmetto Bluff equestrian center, whom Christina said has made great strides in improving Huspa Plantation. Gini has developed more pastors and cross-country trails as well as coordinated their first Combined Test horse show scheduled for September 15, which consists of dressage and show jumping. Huspa is also a huge sponsor of the Wounded Warriors event with horseback riding, crabbing and kayaking on the plantation.
Gini has coordinated several community events like this Thursday’s Ladies Night Out. Ladies can come out for a trail ride through the gorgeous Huspa property and meet other women that enjoy horseback riding. Afterwards, there will be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres potluck style. It’s only $15 if you trailer your horse and an extra $40 if you need one.
This summer the plantation is also sprawling with kids at the Riding and Horsemanship Camp, from daily riding lessons, to broom-ball polo to horse soccer with a giant red ball. “The horses actually push the ball with their nose and legs. We had so much fun!” said Gini. There are still three sessions left July 9-13, July 16-20 and the Pee Wee three-day mini session July 26-28 for riders aged 5-8 years old.
Also, Huspa’s beautiful horse barn is ready for more friends if you’re looking to board your horse. The trail rides offer an intimate experience through the Lowcountry and are diverse with wooded shade, wide open spaces, river views and the sporadic cluster of grazing cattle that keep the rattlesnakes away.
For more information, check out Huspa Equestrian Park on Facebook, online at, or contact Gini Quade at 843-812-4225 or

Happy Independence Day, Beaufort!

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Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island will host a traditional Independence Day Celebration with The Parris Island band and an incredible fireworks display. There will be free Cracker Jacks and giveaways. Food and beverages will be available for purchase from Jim ‘n Nick’s Bar-B-Q. The event will be at the Parris Island Peatross Parade Deck. Gates open at 5 p.m., the band starts at 6:30 p.m., and the fireworks are slated for approximately 9:15 p.m.

The annual Fourth of July celebration at the Sands Beach in Port Royal will begin at 5 p.m. There will be hamburgers, hot dogs, barbecue, Chinese dumplings, ice cream and popcorn. Soft drinks, water, beer and wine will be available. There also will be music and face painting. Both fireworks shows on Parris Island and Port Royal are clearly visible from the Sands. Fireworks begin at dusk. Sponsored by the Town of Port Royal and the Historic Port Royal Foundation. For more information, contact 522-9923.

A wine to f loat your boat

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By Terry Sweeney
One of my fondest Fourth of July memories is lying on the deck of my friend’s boat on the Beaufort River looking up at the technicolor fireworks extravaganza exploding in the night sky above me. Now I’m not totally sure whether it was the fireworks themselves or the cardboard box onboard with the little green frog on it, from whose pull-out spigot flowed a most delicious wine that was oh-so-easy to drink and that seemed to last forever, that made it such an unforgettable holiday boating experience.
Of course this frog wine was from the land of frogs — France, which may account for its superior quality over any other white boxed wine I had ever tasted. Extremely well-balanced with outstandingly good acidity, I could just imagine eating clams, crab claws, shrimp, flounder, red fish, or any other fish for that matter with it.  I say imagine because my ship mates did not have one morsel of food aboard except a cheap bag of salty snack food.  So at the time, the only opinion I could offer with complete authority was that this boxed wine was the perfect match with “Bugles.”
Once back on land, I investigated my boat wine further.  Its full name: La Petit Frog Picpoul de Pinet. It’s the same wine you’ll find in the bottles of Beaulieu Picpoul de Pinet that are on the shelves of classy wine boutiques everywhere.  What’s fantastic about this wine is that, like a real frog, it is comfortable on land, but even more comfortable on water. This wine really is better at sea. Its bracing clean aromas of lime and citrus just make you want to hoist a sale and take in big lungfuls of clean ocean air in between the dirty clouds of diesel from the big nasty richy-rich yachts that muscle past you.
“Ahoy there, bigshots! We’re drinking a $24 box of wine that’s equal to four bottles at $6 dollars a bottle from the South of France! And just as good as any of the high-class bilge water you’re throwing back!” That’s telling ‘em!
Of course, one of the advantages to having a large well-built  yacht is that you’re too high up to hear the insults poor people below are hurling at you. Oh well, you’ll feel better for getting it off your chest.
Boxes of wine mean no breakage, less storage problems, and, if you should need to hide them for any reason, can be cleverly concealed. Take a dozen boxes, pile them up neatly in a square and cover them with a white table cloth, candles and flowers and you’ve got an innocent-looking romantic table for two.  Line the walls of you cabin below with the cute little frog boxes and say, “It’s the kids’ room!” If anyone with a badge should ask. Or better yet, stay safely and legally tied to the dock and drink till you at least feel like you’re floating out to sea on the Mediterranean off the coast of France.
By the way, since that particular Fourth of July, I have found that this wine also pairs beautifully with pasta and chicken on occasions when I realized I needed to have more than just “Frog” for supper.
Refrigerated, this wine, once opened, can last up to six weeks and will taste just as good as your first sip.  Another good reason to pick Picpoul for you summer sailing pleasure. La Petit Frog — don’t leave land without it!

Happy Wino Note: You can order La Petit From Picpoul de Pinet online from — regular price $25.99 but if you order a case of 12 you get 10% off so it’s $23.99 each!  A whole summer’s worth!

Who will be crowned River King and Queen?

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Do you reign supreme at the Sandbar? Or do you find others worshipping your boat? We’re looking for a man and a woman to be named the first River King and Queen of Beaufort. Post a picture of yourself looking royally hot having fun in the sun to The Island News’ Facebook page. The top six photos — three women and three men — with the most likes will be featured in the paper and on our website where others will vote for the two winners. They will be crowned just in time for Water Festival!

Beaufort City Council balances budget, doesn’t raise taxes

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Beaufort’s 2012-13 budget avoids raising taxes, includes a 3 percent cost-of-living adjustment for employees but eliminated a new fire truck or street sweeper following action Tuesday, June 26, by Beaufort City Council.
Responding to directions earlier this month by council, the city administration axed the $400,000 fire truck and $155,000 street sweeper to help balance the budget after council earlier this month nixed the idea of a $35 per private vehicle fee that would have raised $313,390.
The administration also recommended using $28,680 of the city’s fund balance toward the $15,614,646 Fiscal Year 2013 budget. Council unanimously approved the budget and the ordinance to levy taxes at 45 mills for the general fund operations and 15.62 mills for general obligation debt service. The tax rate stays the same.
City Council will reconvene in mid-July to consider an increase in the stormwater management fee, currently at $65. The fee increase, if approved, could allow the city to adjust the budget if equipment needs to be bought.
“We have a new budget that addresses the city’s known needs for the next 12 months and that addresses our valued employees through a cost-of-living adjustment. We will come back next month to look at some additional capital needs and how we might pay for those,” said Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling.
“Right now we are able to balance this budget without a tax hike and with minimal impact to our taxpayers,” he said.
Included in the adopted budget is about $500,000 in needed capital investments, among them:
• $162,753 for new police vehicles and equipment;
• $40,000 in street and sidewalk repairs;
• $14,749 in park improvements at Pigeon Point, Tic-Toc and Horse Hole parks;
• $254,000 in capital needs associated with the Bladen Street and Duke Street improvements;
• $11,000 for a new riding mower for the Public Works Department.
Accounting for $404,000 in the $15.6 million Beaufort budget are the cost-of-living adjustment and increased employer contributions to retirement systems, said Dr. Kim Foxworth, director of human resources for Beaufort.

Ocean Motion benefits new local nonprofit, Port Royal Sound Foundation

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By Tess Malijenovsky
This Saturday at Yoga Chandra Studio will conclude a month-long celebration of world oceans. The yoga studio is taking over the Lady’s Island Marina with “Ocean Motion,” a full day of yoga, arts and crafts, sustainable lectures and the screening of the documentary “Bag It.”
Entrance to the all-day event is $20, but guests are welcomed to leave and return as they wish. All proceeds benefit the new local nonprofit The Port Royal Sound Foundation whose mission is to advance the awareness of Port Royal Sound and its contributions to the environmental, cultural and economic well-being of our area, the region and the Atlantic Ocean.
Events will take place in the Crow’s Nest, Studio Sky and Wellspring Massage Studio of the Yoga Chandra Center (next to Dockside restaurant). There will also be standup paddle boarding all day on the water. For a full list of events, visit

News briefs

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New show features mayor ‘Straight Talk’
This week, Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling introduces a new television show on WHHI, Channel 8 on Hargray, called “Straight Talk with Billy K.” The purpose is to introduce new ideas, to discuss old ones and to stimulate conversation among the citizens about issues in and around Beaufort. “Straight Talk” will air several times each week as follows: Wednesday at 4 p.m.; Thursday, 4 p.m.; Friday and Saturday at 3 p.m.; Sunday at 3 and 7:30 p.m.

Presentation focuses on form-based code
The city is hosting a presentation on Thursday evening, June 28 at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers (1911 Boundary Street) by Craig Lewis with the City’s Office of Civic Investment to describe the upcoming process to completely overhaul the city’s Unified Development Ordinance. For more information, please contact Craig Lewis, Office of Civic Investment at or Libby Anderson, planning director, at or at 843-525-7011.

BJWSA customers may notice tap smell
BJWSA customers may notice an “earthy” smell in their tap water over the next month. The odor is caused by algae growth in the authority’s canal and reservoirs, especially near the Chelsea Water Treatment Plant. The algae growth is a natural and seasonal phenomenon, and the water is still safe to use normally. BJWSA’s treatment staff have modified processes to control the odor, but the authority anticipates the smell to persist for about a month. Due to the Chelsea Water Treatment Plant’s proximity to Northern Beaufort County, the odor will be noticed mostly by customers in that part of BJWSA’s service area. The odor may be more noticeable in warm water usage, such when taking a shower or washing the dishes. Placing a pitcher of water in the refrigerator for about an hour may help dissipate the odor.

JSLB awards $4,120 to local nonprofits
The Junior Service League of Beaufort (JSLB) concludes its first formal grant process and awards a total of $4,120 to four local nonprofits. For seven years, the league has supported local agencies by donating time and talent. This year, through the grant funding process, the league is able to donate more than $4,000 to four deserving nonprofits to support a variety of programs. The agencies selected to receive funding are all closely aligned with the JSLB mission to enrich the lives of women, children and families in our community. This year’s recipients are: Child Abuse Prevention Association (CAPA) — $560 in support of their Cribs For Kids program; Citizens Opposed to Domestic Abuse (CODA) — $1,060 for their Legal Assistance Fund for Women and Children to help pay for court fees; AMIkids Beaufort — $2,000 for partial tuition for one child to enroll in a Welding Certification program at the Technical College of the Lowcountry (full tuition is $2,500); and Born To Read, which will receive $500 to purchase nursery rhyme books for the Literacy Bags for new moms.

Pick a row

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By Martha O’Regan
This was the closing statement of a very inspiring speaker at a local business meeting several years ago.  Admittedly, I don’t remember the exact context, but I believe she tied it to picking corn in Iowa. Regardless, the line has stuck with me and lately has become one of my primary “shift” thoughts, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed from the limitless rows to choose from these days. Just pick a row, choose a path, or as my father used to say, “Lead, follow or get out of the way.” In other words, commit to something and do that something well.
With all of the advancements since our ancestors’ day, we can get strangled with information overload, wasting precious time on distractions rather than what is really important to our overall enjoyment of life — family, recreation, health, etc. We can get so bogged down with wanting to be, do or have everything that we actually end up with nothing. Or, we commit to doing it all, saying yes to everything only to one day find ourselves in total exhaustion or in pain or illness. Learning how to pick a row and balance our lives reduces stress, bringing an enormous feeling of freedom and well being.
So, where to begin? When it comes to setting goals or commitments to any area of your life — health, relationships, career, finances, etc. — start by writing them down. Just start writing in list form, breaking it into categories if you choose.  You just want to get all of your hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions out of your mind and onto paper.  Then just sit with the list looking at and ‘feeling’ each item separately.
Then, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, give each one a number representing your level of desire to be, do or have the specific thing on your list. How did each one “feel” in your body? Did some area contract or did you feel an expansion somewhere? Have some fun with this one as you repeat this through the entire list.
Then go through again grading each item on your level of belief that it can be achieved in a specific time frame.  Use a reasonable time frame such as three to six months. Look at the list again with these numbers, circling the ones with the highest numbers, and, voila — there’s your row!  Now, it doesn’t mean the other things on your list of dreams, goals and intentions aren’t important.  It just means they aren’t on this row to focus on, so don’t discard these items as this process should be repeated again in three to six months.
Now, you can take your row and begin to breathe life into it by creating an action plan and seeing or feeling your goal manifested.  Start to create it in your mind as though it were already true and real. Understand that each present moment is actually “past tense” based on thoughts and beliefs that have already occurred. This helps to truly grasp that if we don’t like what is showing up in our life right now, we can start creating what we want for our future.
It’s been said by many that we spend much of our life creating what we don’t want so we can eventually come to terms with what we do want. So with that in mind, pick a row, dream the dream and create the life that you do want. Live Well … Have Fun!

Paparazzi Hair Studio brings out celebrity in you

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By Takiya Smith
Walking into Paparazzi Hair Studio, one is instantly taken by the Hollywood hues of ultra chic teal met with pops of leopard print paint and decor.  The studio style floor plan mingled with upbeat tunes jamming from the surround sound further sets the stage as you make your way past the red carpet and are seated and prepped for perfection.
At just 23 years old, owner and licensed cosmetologist Alayshia Harvey has made leaps and bounds by opening and establishing her own salon.  Alayshia has been enamored and dedicated to designing and styling fabulous hair since her teen years. In 2007, she took steps to complete her dream by graduating from the Technical College of the Lowcountry with a diploma in Applied Sciences, Cosmetology. After obtaining her state license, dedication, experience, faith and hard work all paid off with the grand opening of Paparazzi Hair Studio in March 2012.
With much thought and consideration into naming her establishment, Alayshia finally settled on Paparazzi Hair Studio after having a loyal client state that she always felt like a celebrity upon leaving the salon, while donning one of many of Harvey’s fabulous creations.
With services affectionately named after celebrities such as J. Lo, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Wendy Williams and Kim Kardashian, Harvey shows off her skills for hair weaving and extensions.  Customers of all hair textures and types can benefit from Harvey’s talent to appeal to a multi-cultural clientele, as well as experience one-on-one consultation with a well versed professional. In addition to specializing in hair extensions, Paparazzi Hair Studio offers cuts, chemical services and make-up application.
After experiencing star-studded treatment, no celebrity’s day would be complete without a few snapshots from the paparazzi, as Harvey has coyly created a mock red carpet scene in which her clients receive before and after head shots of their looks.
Paparazzi Hair Studio, located in Beaufort Town Center at 2015 Boundary Street, is where Beaufort Meets Hollywood. For more information or appointments, contact Alayshia Harvey at 843-521-GLAM.

Takiya Smith, Beautique Lash & Brow. Master Lash & Brow Stylist, CPCP

Beaufort Dentist Receives Mastership Award

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The Academy of General Dentistry — a professional association of more than 37,000 general dentists dedicated to providing quality dental care and oral health education to the public — is pleased to announce that Stephen W. Durham, DMD, MAGD, of Beaufort, received the association’s 2012 Mastership Award during the 2012 Annual Meeting and Exhibits, held June 21 to 24 in Philadelphia. The Mastership Award is the highest honor available at the academy and one of the most respected designations within the profession. To accomplish this goal, Dr. Durham completed 1,100 hours of continuing dental education. As a recipient of the Mastership Award, Dr. Durham joins more than 2,300 active Masters who understand that providing great smiles and good oral health for their patients is the result of going above and beyond basic requirements. Durham Dental (, located in the Beaufort Town Center at 2015 Boundary Street, Suite 104, is involved with the most modern and effective forms of general and cosmetic dentistry.

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