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April 2011

MCAS Beaufort Air Show 2011

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Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort will host nearly 150,000 of its closest friends and neighbors at the 2011 Beaufort Air Show on Saturday, April 30, and Sunday, May 1, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. There is no cost for the general public to attend the show. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs to watch the performers, especially the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. There will be plenty of parking, and refreshments (including beer) will also be available at concession stands. This event is fun for the whole family.


CyCling ClassiC

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By Marie McAden

The Fifth Annual Beaufort MemorialCycling Classic will bring 200 professional cyclists to town Tuesday,May 3 for another hair-raising, heart-pounding race through downtown.The 70 female and 118 male competitors participating in this year’s event will be riding a .6-mile course that begins on Bay Street, turns onto…

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A new EGRET is TOOTING in town!

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By Wendy Nilsen Pollitzer

Three new businesses opened at the old Firehouse on the corner of Craven and Scott Streets. At a soft opening on Friday,April 22, tourists and locals were eager to see the interior of the unique building, renovated and designed by Annie Ballance, proprietor of The Tooting Egret, The Bistro at The Tooting Egret and Fiori.

The building houses original artwork and a variety of spectacular retail items, an eatery that currently serves both breakfast and lunch, and a full-service florist.

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Living on the WEDGE

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Laura Trask
Often in life when we say we are “living on the edge,” the feeling that comes to mind is negative. As if one more step could end in disaster! When talking about shoes however, living on the wedge can be a glorious place to be.

Italian designer SalvatoreFerragamo in 1935, originallyas an orthopedic shoe. Because there was a shortage of leather,he used rubber and wood.During WWII the wedge enjoyed a second resurgence in popularity as height was infashion and the wedge was acomfortable alternative to the high heel. In the 70‘s the wedge…

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‘Plantation Set’ Fete

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The Lowcountry of South Carolinaand the Hunt Country of Virginiaare as about as close an American canget to the great English country housetradition of the landed aristocracy ofEngland, and they pursue all the sameactivities — shooting, fox hunts, horsesand vast estates with beautiful historichomes. It makes sense, since this areawas actually part of England at one time.The thousand-acre plantations that stillring Beaufort today are the result, for themost part, of wealthy Northern families…

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Relay is reason to celebrate

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When the clock strikes 7on Friday night, therewill be a party going onin Beaufort that will last all night andwon’t stop until 7 in the morning. Therewill be food, music, dancing, prizes,men dressed as women — need I saymore?And, no, this will not be happening onmy porch (that’s not until Halloween).This celebration will be set up aroundthe track at Beaufort Middle Schooland it is not to be missed. Keep Reading

The Honeycutt Chronicles

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Unless there is some sort of bugzapper-type freak-repelling deviceavailable of which I am not aware,I’m afraid I’m going to just have tolog this stuff in my diary and some-how deal with attracting the crazies.

I guess the only problem with being“fly paper for freaks” is, well … being“fly paper for freaks.” Everyone makes jokes about attracting the crazies, but let me tell you something, you actually have no idea what that means until you spend a week with good ole me.I guess it all started when I was about9 years old. Keep Reading

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